Insolvency and Debt Recovery Services

Insolvency & Liquidation

At Lafenwa Osiberu & Co., we are experienced in insolvency and debt/loan recovery. We carry out these assignments in lawful procedure without involving our clients in any legal embarrassment.

We are well known with debt recovery and collection service in Nigeria. Our years of experience and siuccess records has made us the first in Nigeria when it comes to recovery of Business debt.

One of core expertise is Commercial Debt Recovery. That is business to business debt.

Debt recovery is easier whn you use a collection agency which is well groundd in the laws and customs of the Country where the debtor resides. We offer on-the-ground reprsentatives in Nigeria who understand the debt collection practices that work to support full recovery of your funds.

Insolvency Services

Our Debt Recovery Process are enumerated below:

  • Client agreement.
  • Carefully planned negotiation first.
  • Background check on the Debtor.
  • Follow up via phone calls and emails.
  • Issuance of in-house Demand.
  • Ultimatum Notice.
  • Physical Visit if required.
  • Planned rigorous follow-up with the debtor.


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